About Us

We don’t only make things look beautiful.
We make them work great as well.

CapriWeb is a full service digital agency based in the heart of Polokwane in South Africa, specializing in Website Design and Creation, Social Media Marketing, Domain Registrations and Website Hosting Services.

We’re on a mission to transform and enhance businesses all over South Africa, combining people, process, and technology to deliver great digital results to you and your business.

Our specialist team of creatives utilize the most up-to-date technology to make actionable outcomes from regular informational websites to data-rich business websites or online stores.

We build professional websites for ambitious companies and organizations. Our websites are easy to manage and fully suitable for mobile, tablet and desktop .

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Why You Should Choose CapriWeb

We believe that design, text & image belong together. 
That a website only really beats when these 3 things are combined well.

Design never stands alone, but is always influenced by its environment and content. In the case of a website, these are the texts and images used. Everything has an influence on the overall picture, everything needs to be thought about.

To get such a concept off the ground, the design of your website must also take into account the web texts and the photos that have to be given a place. By making everything come together, the text aligns seamlessly with the design, the images fit the house style and your website becomes one whole.

At CapriWeb we weave the right texts, images and your corporate identity into a website that does exactly what you need . 
The power of the combination.


CapriMedia House
7 Cnr. Devenish & Dahl Str.
Polokwane, South Africa
T: +27 15 297 0387
E: hello@capriweb.co.za